How we helped our customers design programs that scale and that connect to their strategic plan

Connecting day-to-day action to your organization's strategy helps you design programs with measurable impact — see how these teams did it!

Enhancing the impact of gender equity programs in sport with Canadian Women & Sport

Canadian Women & Sport — Fast Facts

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    Fully Remote
  • Full-time staff

What they do (and why we 💜 them)

Canadian Women & Sport are dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive Canadian sport and physical activity system that empowers girls and women.

What they wanted

With a growing team that was being tasked to redesign core programming, Canadian Women & Sport were looking for ways to iterate in a more intentional way. As demands from users, stakeholders, and funders grew — collaboratively designing programs across various organizational functions, and measuring the impact of each program, was becoming more challenging.

Who was involved

We worked across functions centring around key programs. Participants included leads and team members from operations, programs, marketing, and the CEO.

Hear about it in their words...

How we helped

  • Simplified grant writing by developing a clear vision and guiding principles for each program in their portfolio
  • Provided visibility into measurable moments that helped to clarify M&E (measurement and evaluation) efforts 
  • Gave the team a method to connect their day-to-day work to organizational objectives aligned to their strat plan and theory of change
  • Stopped being reactive to unclear expectations and shifting priorities — going from being on their heels to on their toes
  • Introduced approaches that enabled remote and asynchronous collaboration across timezones
  • Created roadmaps that provided insights into the program structures that enabled cross-departmental collaboration
  • Demonstrated that non-profits can invest in capacity building while making meaningful progress on program development
“The impact that this work has had on two of our cornerstone programs is profound. It will allow us to scale, reach more people, and have a higher quality impact than we did previously when we were being reactive in solving our problems.”
A photo headshot of Steph

Stephanie Talsma

Director of Programs, Canadian Women & Sport
Do you want to work like this?
“My work has changed dramatically. The tools that Purple Sector introduced to the team, especially the collaboration and visualization brainstorming tools, we use daily in our work.”
Photo headshot of Christianne

Christianne Varty

Program Specialist, Canadian Women & Sport