Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are your workshops?

Our most common format is scheduling a workshop over 2 sessions.  We find that it's easier to schedule two smaller chunks than a full day. And we know workshops can be tiring when they drag on — so we aim to keep your team's energy level high so they are absorbing all the new ideas more effectively! Our sessions tend to be 2.5hrs for a total of 5hrs of workshops.

What do we need to get started? 

We'll give you a checklist of what we need, don't worry it's very short. It includes the dates, participants to invite, and the particular challenge you want the workshop to focus on. We take care of the agenda, the tech (we use Butter and Miro), and the setup!

How do you make this relevant to our team and to our work? 

We centre our workshops around your particular challenges and work priorities. We don't use hypothetical scenarios that don't translate to the nuances of your workplace.

We've experienced sitting through workshops that are disconnected from the reality of the work you do. It feels nearly impossible to then translate it to your day-to-day realities. We know better, so we do better!

You'll learn with your real-life work at the centre of it all!

Why do you use team-based training?

Ever been the one on a team trying to introduce new ideas? We have! 

It would go like this: we'd read a book, get really excited, encourage others to read that book and find no one has the time. Excitement about new ideas and approaches fizzles out.

Instead, with our workshops, your entire team will be learning the same language and approaches. You'll be further ahead in building new habits together.

Why hire you, can't we just do this ourselves? 

Of course you can! But in our defence, we're experts in product design, design thinking, product management, and marketing (and more, no seriously!) and it comes in handy.

We've been in your shoes, so we know the pains teams struggle with. Sometimes a third-party perspective is all you need to get unstuck.

You also might want to rid yourself of the burden of setting up and facilitating a workshop. With us, you can join the conversation as a participant while someone else handles all the other details.

Do you offer bundles?

Yes! Our workshops complement each other very well, and we can tailor engagements to show you how to leverage all the new tools and approaches together! You can see how Canadian Women & Sport took advantage of that here.

Do you do in-person sessions?

Usually, no. But with good reason: we like to do the work where your team works and communicates most: online!

We like to do this virtually to give your teams tangible skills right away. Also, it tends to be easier to schedule, coordinate with scheduling, and reduces your travel costs! Let other people fight over who booked the meeting room! 

If you are interested in person because of a specific event or offsite, feel free to make a request. We won't turn down an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas for your team gathering!

Do you provide further support?

We have add-on support in the form of coaching and implementation services that focus on your challenges of the day, and helping you see how the new tools and approaches can be used to help solve for that. We think it's where a lot of magic happens, and love to dive deep on problems, whether your a team leader or staff member.

Do you do custom engagements? 

Of course! Get in touch so we can talk details.

“These were truly amazing sessions, and I can't wait to continue working with you all. Purple Sector's workshop quickly taught me a lot about our client and their staff's needs. It was VERY beneficial for me.”
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