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Identifying Customer Problems Workshop

Create a shared understanding of customer needs that your team can take action on

  • Workshop format: 2 x 2.5hr remote sessions
  • No. of participants: 2-12
An empathy map that has four quadrants: 1. What do they say? 2. What do they think? 3. What do they do? 4. How do they feel? At the center is a sticky not that reads new fitness app subscriber. The map is populated with example sticky notes that correlate to the quadrant they are in.

The difference this will make

  • Get to the heart of what your customers want, by building a shared understanding of how they're feeling and what they do
  • Stop fighting opinions with opinions — break the stalemate using customer feedback that will provide the clarity to start working together in the same direction
  • Make the time and space for conversations about your customers that never happen in status and planning meetings
  • Make your CEO happy by showing them customer-centricity on your team is possible
  • Break silos between teams such as the ever-famous product and sales rivalry by building a shared understanding around customer needs

What you'll learn

  • Empathy mapping
  • Pains, gains, and jobs-to-be-done
  • Problem statements

You'll get...

  • Two expert facilitators
  • An engaging virtual experience
  • Templates and guides
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This workshop is great for

  • Product Teams
  • Design Teams
  • Engineering Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • Programs Teams
“These were truly amazing sessions, and I can't wait to continue working with you all. Purple Sector's workshop quickly taught me a lot about our client and their staff's needs. It was VERY beneficial for me.”
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Katy Spencer

Director of Digital Fundraising,
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