Prototype & Build

Story Mapping Journeys Workshop

Prototype and design complex user experiences

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The difference this will make

  • Make the intangible experiences you are building, tangible so you can clarify complex scenarios so you're whole team can be on the same page.
  • Understand where your users struggle the most with what you're building so you can take appropriate action
  • Give your team the chance to connect their work to the real impact they are making with your users
  • Stop leaving metrics to the end with a clear way to understand what moments of a user journey you want to measure
  • Prototype changes without costly and time-consuming wireframes and hi-fidelity mockups. Imagine first, execute second.

You'll learn...

  • Story mapping techniques
  • Connecting moments to metrics
  • Making user feedback relevant

You'll get...

  • Two expert facilitators
  • An engaging virtual experience
  • Templates and guides
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This workshop is great for

  • Product Teams
  • Design Teams
  • Engineering Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • Programs Teams
“A lot of high points during the sessions but one thing that has personally struck to me is the importance of communicating through visuals. It helps teams understand the information flow and enhances decision making.”
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Baijul Parikh

Senior Manager, IT & Operations,
Canadian Women & Sport