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Why you? Why now?

You love to make change happen and want to work with clarity and intention.

But, you're frustrated because you never feel like you're getting ahead, and you know that customer needs are being overlooked in all the busy-work.

Do you want to align your team around the customer voice so you can make a real impact?

Do you want to stop being reactive, and start being responsive to the demands facing your team every day?

Do you want to stop working in silos by using tools that break down communication barriers and put customer needs first? 

What drives us

We believe great teams don't happen by accident.

Everyone deserves the chance to do their best work.

Work can be fun, engaging, and meaningful.

Why Purple Sector?

We'll teach your team new tools and help them develop new habits that unlock customer-centric practices in your organization!

As experts in design thinking and product management, we blend head and heart to help your team make practical choices driven by purpose and meaning.

“It was phenomenal. Purple Sector not only showed us new ways to work together, but more importantly, new ways to think together.”
Headshot photograph of Leah Ferguson

Leah Ferguson

Program Manager,
Canadian Women & Sport