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Align your remote team around customer needs

We help your teams create better programs, products, and services using purpose-driven sprints and personalized coaching based on design thinking principles.

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Looking to shift gears?

We love working with companies who are trying to do things differently. If you need to energize your team around good habits, Purple Sector can help find alignment with your organization's goals and get you grounded in the needs of your customer. We provide premium programs specialized for remote teams, offering facilitated workshops, coaching, and strategic support so that you can build better teams and better products, programs, and services.

Designed for remote teams

Our workshops are designed for remote teams first, helping to make the most use of the collaborative meetings, you have so your team can work more effectively asynchronously.

Get your team on track

Our sprints and workshops are customized to accelerate a shared understanding of what drives your organization, your customers, and your teams. Channel your team's energy to build great programs and products.

Nurture best practices

Strategic alignment is more than a checkbox, it’s a leadership practice. We provide 1:1 virtual coaching sessions to help move things forward through times of change.

We can help you
build capacity

Align your team

Who we work with

Growing Non-Profit Organizations

Supporting your pursuit of meaningful programming

Aspiring Product-Led Organizations

Rallying dynamic product builders around a shared vision

Social Impact Venture Capital Firms

Nurturing your new or pivoting portfolio companies

Why Purple Sector

What drives us

Passionate about meaningful work

We know the value to your business and your customers when people are aligned around meaningful work. We equip leaders with the confidence to create conditions that bring out the best of everyone.

Experience with innovation teams

With over 15 years of experience building up effective innovative products and the teams that create them, we’re committed to supporting people in maximizing the impact of their teams.

Thoughtful third party

The programs and products you create have the power to change lives. We confront competing priorities and create space to tackle these issues head-on.

Align your vision

Shared purpose

We help create a shared understanding that encompasses the entire organization.

Strategic support

We show you methods to organize your ideas, knowledge, and workflow.

Energized teams

Activate the team and the talents you already have on hand.

Actionable tools

Walk away with tangible plans and move forward to effective habits.

Ready to start the conversation?

What would change about the work of your team if everyone had the clarity to move forward? Come learn more about how we can help you build better teams and better programs, products, and services. It all starts with a simple conversation.

There are better ways to work. Let’s bring out the best of everyone.

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Who we've worked with

Hear from our clients

Purple Sector not only showed us new ways to work together, but more importantly, new ways to think together.

Leah Ferguson, Program Manager, Canadian Women and Sport