Great teams don't happen by accident.

Our upskilling workshops will give your team new tools to collaborate based on design thinking and product management fundamentals.

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Why you? Why now?

You love to do things differently and want to work with clarity and intention.

But, you're frustrated because you never feel like you're getting ahead, drowning in busywork.

It's time to stop the cycle and break old habits and learn better ways to collaborate!

Do you want to stop being reactive, and start being responsive to the demands facing your team every day?

Do you want to stop working in silos by using tools that break down communication barriers? 

Do you want to align your team around a common goal so you can make a real impact?

Are you being pulled in too many directions?

A graphic that shows a question mark surrounded by various demands: customer needs, funder requirements, strategic plan, vision + mission, new ideas, metrics and reporting, staff expectations and deadlines

Purple Sector will show your team new ways to make sense of the noise and find focus

What drives us

We believe great teams don't happen by accident.

Everyone deserves the chance to do their best work.

Work can be fun, engaging, and meaningful.

Why Purple Sector?

As experts in design thinking and product management, we blend head and heart to help your team make practical choices driven by purpose and meaning.

We're not like other agencies that just do the work for you behind a veil of fancy academic words no one understands.

We'll teach your team new tools and help them develop new habits that unlock true collaboration!

Let us be your guides


We love remote, distributed, and hybrid teams

What we do has been purpose-built to be delivered remotely from the very beginning. We bring ourselves to where you work — and more and more, that's online! 

It's a no-compromises experience we know you expect.

“It was phenomenal. Purple Sector not only showed us new ways to work together, but more importantly, new ways to think together.”
Headshot photograph of Leah Ferguson

Leah Ferguson

Program Manager,
Canadian Women & Sport