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We're a bunch of weirdos that think work can be meaningful, fun, and engaging. But we're also experts in design thinking, product management, and marketing.

We know the value of aligning people around meaningful work, and we use that to fuel their passion and create sustainable change for your organization.

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What's the story behind Purple Sector?

We are huge fans of Formula 1 racing, and we love the excitement of seeing teams perform at a world-class level. A purple sector refers to the best overall time set by a driver in a section of a lap. Achieving a purple sector means everything is aligning — driver, car, team, strategy. It’s a measure of excellence that reflects a whole team with a shared vision of success. That kind of alignment is what we help our clients achieve.

Meet our team

3D animated character of Meredith Perez

Meredith Perez (she/her)

Co-Founder, Facilitator, and Coach

Meredith brings years of experience in marketing and strategy development, rallying competing organizations around common industry goals. With a love for finding connections between different points of view, Meredith channels that experience in creating high-performing teams that prioritize sound decision-making to get good work done. As per tradition, you can find her on F1 race days cheering on Lewis Hamilton (get that 8th title, Lewis!!!) with a croissant in hand.

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3D animated character of Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez (he/him)

Co-Founder, Facilitator, and Coach

With over 15 years of experience building up effective tech products and the teams that create them, Carlos is passionate about bringing people together around common goals to do their best work. He applies his educational background in Business Administration and his practical experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes in the areas of product management, product design, and marketing. You’re also likely to find Carlos watching a Formula 1 race and spending time with Meredith and their daughter Arya.

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3D animated character of Lena Thibeh

Lena Thibeh(she/her)

Director, Impact Development

Lena is a professional with a decade of experience doing what she loves most — sales! She's deeply passionate about empowering Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour to start, grow and navigate their sales careers and businesses. Her sales philosophy is based in kindness, authenticity & empathy.

When she's not out conquering the world — she's in the gym powerlifting or spending time with her son. She's a devout Whovian and nerds out on quantum physics.

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“Simply put, if you have the opportunity to learn from Meredith and Carlos, do so. The lessons taught are impactful and spot on. Close to a year later my team still uses the skills that they learned every day.”
Headshot photograph of Stephen Ottana

Stephen Ottana

Training and Quality Assurance Manager,
Timeless Medical Systems