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We understand the pressure you’re under to deliver the highest quality work that keeps your customers happy and attracts new ones.

Our goal is to amplify the impact of your work by making it look amazing and accessible to a diverse audience.

It’s as simple as that.

We’re not here with big egos that distract you from the work that needs to get done.

Instead, we bring our expertise and practical approach to support your visual design projects.


Meredith & Carlos
3D animated character of Meredith Perez

Meredith Perez (she/her)

Program Manager and Designer

Meredith brings over 20 years of experience running and executing large-scale marketing initiatives for industry associations. Executing tactical marketing work like graphic design while maintaining a focus on outcomes is what she does best!

As per tradition, you can find her on F1 race days cheering on Lewis Hamilton (get that 8th title, Lewis!!!) with a croissant or a cross-stitch in hand.

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3D animated character of Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez (he/him)

Brand and Marketing Designer

Carlos brings over 20 years of experience in design, with a fondness of creating impactful brands. Exploring all areas of design from print, web, physical and digital products, and more — he loves to find creative ways to bring ideas to life!

You’re also likely to find Carlos watching a Formula 1 race cheering on McLaren, cooking delicious meals, and spending time with Meredith and their daughter Arya.

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What's the story behind Purple Sector?

We are huge fans of Formula 1 racing! A purple sector refers to the best overall time set by a driver in a section of a lap. Setting a purple sector marks peak performance—symbolizing not just speed, but a blend of skill, strategy, and unity. We aspire to bring this level of excellence to your marketing and brand iniatives!

“Choosing Purple Sector has made my life simpler! Their reliability and consistency allow us to dedicate more effort to supporting our members. They manage our work with professionalism, attention to detail, and speedy turnarounds, all without any fuss.”
Photo of Annemarie Selvitelli

Annemarie Selvitelli

Director, Education & Member Services