Our program design sprint connects your programs to your strategic vision

Work with clarity and confidence in developing programs that create measurable impact

About our Program Design Sprint

This multi-week engagement equips your team with proven design-thinking approaches that uncover the needs of your clients and stakeholders, supported by 1:1 coaching.

What to expect

  • By incorporating feedback from your community, you'll be creating more inclusive and accessible programs, as a team.
  • We use an applied learning so that the time spent with us is time spent working directly on your programs
  • We'll create user-centred roadmaps (like top tech teams do) to connect your team's day-to-day to your strategic vision
  • Become well versed in practical approaches to design-thinking that you can build habits around
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We'll get in the ūüí© with you

With our 1:1 personalized coaching, we'll stick around for the tough parts to help you build new habits

We support your journey with personalized 1:1 coaching that puts new learnings into practice by applying them to your work challenges of the day.

Structured and time-boxed sprints to fit with your schedule

Program Design Sprint

Support & Iteration Phase
4-6 weeks
Support & Iteration Phase
4 weeks
1:1 Personalized Coaching

We'll work together to create a schedule that makes the most of our time together, while giving you the flexibility to put concepts into practice.

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‚ÄúA lot of high points during the sessions but one thing that has personally struck to me is the importance of communicating through visuals. It helps teams understand the information flow and enhances decision making.‚ÄĚ
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Baijul Parikh

Senior Manager, IT & Operations, Canadian Women & Sport